Our main mission, the one that fills our days with a sense of utmost accomplishment, is to provide an invaluable service to parents, and in turn, the little ones who need a hand getting started with one of life’s biggest challenges. Proper nutrition. These happy parents have been kind enough to express their gratitude in writing, and we are more than proud to share this with you:


“Paula played a critical role in my experiences of breastfeeding my two boys.  She demonstrates professionalism and expertise.  Paula knew just what I needed to make my experience successful.  With her gentle guidance and kind explanation, I felt relaxed and motivated.  When I struggled, she was there to help me improve and I was able to continue breastfeeding more comfortably and joyfully.  When my friends had questions or setbacks she was happy and eager to offer her support, even by phone.  I’m grateful for her.  I’ve known Paula for more than three years and she is truly compassionate, caring, and optimistic. I would happily recommend Paula.”

Crystal W.
Santa Clarita, California


“Paula is an amazing woman.  If it wasn’t for her I probably would have given up on breastfeeding.  She called me on day 4 (post-partum) and I was in tears.  My baby wouldn’t latch on and I was completely engorged.  She came to my house and in a matter of 20 minutes being together my engorgement was gone, the pain had diminished, and she had my baby latched on.  She also took the time to make my husband a part of the entire process telling him where he could help me.  She was so encouraging.  Then a couple of weeks later I got mastitis and there was Paula again walking me through everything and calling me and providing me with continued support.  She is an amazing person and I am so grateful that I had someone like her helping me.  Hopefully when I have my second baby she will be there again!”

Angie C.
Los Angeles, California


“Any Mom’s struggling on breastfeeding or planning on it, check this site out. Did wonders for my wife and daughter who developed bad habits due to first being fed by a baby bottle at the hospital due to some complications. Paula is very good at what she does and has helped my wife and our baby out a lot. At one point my wife said that breastfeeding was worse than the C-section she had received and the pains and aches you feel during pregnancy. After two sessions, all our feeding problems were solved. I know this is weird since this is coming from a guy, but once you see your wife trying to breastfeed your little one in excruciating pain, then you’ll understand my point. We had her as one of our lactation consultants while my wife was breastfeeding. I and my wife highly recommend this very sweet lady.”

Chris Z.
Los Angeles, California


“I was referred to Paula through a close friend. We live in separate states, so all communication was by phone. She was waiting for the impending arrival of her new baby as well, yet still made more than enough time to help me. She answered all of my questions and helped calm some of my worries. The biggest help she gave me, was being able to describe how to hand express milk to relieve painful engorgement. I had tried reading about it online, but it wasn’t until I spoke with her that I knew what and how to do it and received my relief. It was a miracle!  I am so grateful for her exceptional and in-depth knowledge. It was comforting to know there was someone I could call to help during those first days.”

Sara H.
Denver, CO