Family support and friends

mnacio delfina 016Family can play an important role in supporting a mother to breastfeed her baby.

The role that family and friends play might be essential for a mother who wants to breastfeed. The time a devoted mother dedicates to nurturing, loving, and protecting a baby takes up a large portion of the day that no longer can be used to do certain chores, at least not in the same way or with the same intensity. Cleaning, cooking, or the many other daily house activities become an uphill battle, especially if the mother has no support outside the immediately family (father, mother, and baby). Knowing that her partner understands is essential for the mother to fulfill this important task of caring for your baby without pain and resentment.

The extended family (relatives formed by grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​, etc.) can provide not only knowledge about their personal experiences breastfeeding, but also help to achieve breastfeeding success and home care. This would give the mother the necessary time to dedicate herself to her newborn, and care for her own welfare. It is necessary to help her to recover after 9 months of pregnancy and the immense body changes that may occur during delivery.

For those mothers like me who are away from their families, we can count on friends. Surrounding ourselves with positive people can be of great help to chat, share feelings - and if you trust them enough, they can also help at home.

In case you have no one you can count on, there are institutions or organizations that support breastfeeding and that might be able to help, such as:

La Leche League Intentional ( ).

WIC is a US Government-sponsored Supplemental Nutritional Program that also offers breastfeeding support: WIC ( .

There are many Internet sites that offer information from professionals, such as:

BreastfeedLA ( ),, World Health Organization, etc.

Do you know any Breastfeeding support group in your city ? Which one? Do you feel your family and friends support you when it comes to breastfeeding? Share with us!