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Perspectives, how long to breastfeed?


‘B-Feeding’: the prohibited word

A very serious topic that concerns the entire humanity.


Breastmilk Hand expression.

Very efficient technique to remove colostrum/ breastmilk
this article is link to a video

Plan B

Is milk sharing recommended?Pregnant Belly with fingers Heart symbol. Beautiful Young Pregna

What I didn’t know.

What if Life gives you a little one with an special condition


The Breast time of Life

Breastfeeding is Natural but it may not start easy for all motherspaula

Family Support and Friends

The big help and importance of
support for the breastfeeding mother
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Breastfeeding Wyatt

My first Breastfeeding experience.


I don’t know how to make pizza

The importance of Public Breastfeeding and
the new generations of mothers...

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